Elvis Review – Blistering, Turbocharged Chronicle of the King

(Elvis) (A-) is worthy of Baz Luhrmann’s work, very gorgeous and dazzling, very much in line with Elvis Presley’s shining life. You can learn a lot about his backstory, his rise to fame and struggles, and his disputes with his financiers from this film. But most of all, the film shows off his unparalleled stage charisma. Watching the girls screaming and shouting, about to faint, you can fully feel the electric feeling he brought to people from the inside out. Elvis Presley’s life was short, but he really dedicated all to the stage. The final curtain call had a feeling of the silkworms dying to the end. That’s what I got when I watch Elvis free online.

The unique thing about Elvis Presley is that although he was white and originally from a country music-oriented place, his music, dance and stage presentation were deeply influenced by African-American blues and jazz, which gave his music a unique appeal at the time. This made his music uniquely appealing at the time, and many opportunities that would not have allowed African-Americans to perform were available to him, which immediately contributed to his rapid rise to fame. In contrast, many African-American singers with similar talent would never have been given these opportunities. At the same time, as a singer, he was never able to separate his music from his own personality, the surrounding society, or even the political environment, and even though he was forced by commercial and social pressures to restrain himself at times, he still constantly wanted to be himself. So the film shows many times his rebellion as a musician. This is perhaps unknown to many non-Elvis loyal fans.

Many performances are presented in a very intense emotion, I feel like my brain is going to crack, not to mention the girls on stage, I feel like I’m going to faint watching Austin Butler is really performing with his life, on stage especially hard, especially shaking legs is very good, like electric shock, who watched it is difficult to restrain along with the shaking Tom Hanks performance is very comfortable, through the makeup And styling really completely into Elvis Presley’s big belly and scheming agent, and his role, lines are very much, is also another quite skilled performance. Not surprisingly, both of them will be in the awards season.

You can see that the director Baz Luhrmann is certainly a fan of Elvis Presley, his costume styling and stage presentation are all done to perfection, fully demonstrating Elvis’s love of gold and pink. I have to say, after watching it, you will definitely feel that Harry Styles also has the influence of Elvis Presley, the two are very similar in terms of dress and temperament. I also really like the photographic technique that Baz Luhrmann often uses of photographing buildings from the outside, advancing from a distance, and then entering through a window to the interior. Sometimes it also cuts through vintage postcards to the actual scene. These techniques are old-fashioned but always with a sense of telling fairy tales. The set design and costumes are also very contemporary. The overall look like his previous films, is a gorgeous visual feast, and the addition of Elvis Presley songs and stage performances this time, but also to the delight of the ears. But the presentation of individual scenes is very tedious, changeable, fast moving camera, plus nearly 3 hours of audio-visual bombardment down, do feel a little tired, out of the theater brain are buzzing. However, after watching it will certainly let you immediately find Elvis Presley’s music to enjoy again.

Can’t Help Falling in Love  – this song appears many times in the film, especially in the love scene. But it can be seen that, compared to his wife and family, as a larger than life musician, the stage and screaming fans is what Elvis Presley left behind most in his life and will not let go.

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