IPhone 15 – Reasons To Consider Buying One?

The release of iPhone 15 has caused divided opinions from iPhone lovers. Some think that it comes with a much improved features while others think that some of its features can already be found in previous iPhone models. If you are contemplating on whether or not to purchase iPhone 15, then this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss the reasons for getting an iPhone 15. These are the following:

  • It comes with exceptional camera – The new iPhone 15 comes with a 48MP camera sensor. It has replaced the 12MP main camera, which means that those who will have this new iPhone can shot at full resolution producing a more detailed shot.
  • It comes with a brighter display –iPhone 15 comes with a 2,000 nits screen. If you are using iPhone 14, then you will clearly see the difference once you have the iPhone 15. The brightness of iPhone 14 is doubled in iPhone 15 leading to a more vivid and beautiful display.
  • It welcomes dynamic island – It is now time to bid goodbye to notch because iPhone 15 comes with a dynamic island. The dynamic island is where you can access the Face ID sensors and true depth. It is also the home for live activities and notifs. With this feature, it is easy to check the things you usually need such as monitoring the time and checking flight details such as the departure time and flight gate, to name a few.
  • Exceptional battery life – Some say that the battery life of iPhone 15 is just the same as the previous iPhone 14, but the new iPhone model is not that exceptional at all if its battery life is not improved. Many think that iPhone 15 comes with a much improved life, which will surely last longer than the previous models.
  • More colors to choose from – Another reason to purchase iPhone 15 is the colors and contrast, which will surely catch the attention of people who are very particular with iPhone colors. Iphone 15 comes with infused back glass with matte texture in frosted details. Some of the color options include yellow, blue, black, and green.
  • Top-notch performance –iPhone 15 runs on A16 Bionic processor, which is similar to that of the iPhone 14 series. Hence, you can expect the processor performance to be equally the same. Although if you want the most advance processor performance, then you should go for the Pro Max as such has the latest A17 pro processor. Apple claims that this processor is 10{15a03e2e32f7eefa1558b325dee8566038bae5bdd47e608dfb6cc0676f6efadb} faster CPU and its GPU is 20{15a03e2e32f7eefa1558b325dee8566038bae5bdd47e608dfb6cc0676f6efadb} faster too.

If you are planning to buy the new iPhone 15, make sure you equip yourself with everything you need to know about this iPhone model. The features above will surely make or break your decision. One thing is for sure, although iPhone 15 is expensive and not all might consider buying it, but the features are definitely worth the price. It surely is a great buy.

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