React.js and your website performance: How both collaborate with each other?

Front-end development (user interface programming) is constantly evolving and requires building increasingly interactive and dynamic components. Fortunately, there are several tools on the market, such as the React JavaScript framework, that help people who develop websites create pages with a lot of functionality.

The React library is open source, which means anyone can download its source code, make modifications, and distribute those changes. It is also used for the development of SPA page — Single Page Application, both for the web and for mobile applications. It is worth mentioning that React Native is used to create mobile applications for Android and iOS. 

It is easy to learn

One of the important reasons to use React is the library’s ease of learning. In addition to having syntax very similar to JavaScript, it makes it even easier for those who already know this language. React also has extensive documentation, including examples, about its features on its official page.

Allows reuse of components

When developing a page using React all its components can be reused. Imagine a page divided into top menu, sidebars and central content, in which each of these groups represents a component. Inside them, there are other components, such as links, buttons, text box, etc. When developing a component for the top menu, such as a search bar, it can be reused elsewhere on the page, such as the sidebar, without having to rewrite the code.

Has fast rendering with Virtual DOM

Many applications require a large number of interactions with the user, such as filling out forms. Direct manipulation of the DOM decreases performance, as it is more laborious and complex since it is necessary to search the elements to change their state. When using the virtual DOM, React gains more agility and there is better page performance, as the manipulation is done in memory and the update is optimized by the resources offered by the library.

It is SEO friendly

React is a library that is also used for the development of SPA platforms. One of the difficulties encountered in this model is providing URLs to search engines since requests are made dynamically, which makes proper tracking difficult. React offers a component called React Router, which is capable of generating the routes used by the application. In this way, you can create the user-friendly URL structure needed for indexing by search engines. 

Besides React Router, also other libraries aim to improve the SEO of pages built with React. One of them is React Helmet where you can transform code into more search engine friendly code. Know more about how React.js can significantly enhance your website SEO performance here

Features easy implementation

React is easy to use and can be implemented little by little in an application. This means that you do not have to migrate all pages at once. Instead, you can implement just one page at a time and make a gradual change. This feature is important to avoid the need to rewrite the entire interface with the user, which helps to avoid major impacts that a change in the front-end can cause.

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