The ultimate guide to take care of your real wood phone case

Your cell phone is one of your most prized possessions. It keeps you connected to the world and allows you to stay in touch with your loved ones. So, it’s important to take care of it and protect it from damage. A real wood phone case is the perfect way to do that. Here’s a guide to taking care of your real wood phone case:

1. Keep it clean: Your wood phone case is an important part of your daily life. It protects your phone from scratches, dirt, and other damage. But, like any other piece of equipment, it needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Here are some tips on how to keep your wood phone case clean:

  • Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe down your wood phone case.
  • If there are any tough stains, you can use a mild soap and water solution.
  • Be sure to dry your wood phone case completely after cleaning.
  • If you use any type of polish or cleaner, be sure to test it on a small area first.
  • Don’t forget to clean the inside of your wood phone case as well!
  • Wipe your case down with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dirt or dust. If it’s really dirty, you can use a mild soap and water solution. Just be sure to rinse it well and dry it completely before putting it back on your phone. By following these simple tips, you can keep your wood phone case looking new.

2. Avoid getting it wet: Your phone is one of your most important possessions, so it’s important to keep it safe from water damage. Here are some tips to avoid getting your phone case wet:

  • Keep your phone in a waterproof case when you’re near water.
  • Avoid using your phone in the rain.
  • Don’t take your phone into the shower with you.
  • Don’t swim with your phone.
  • Keep your phone away from pools, lakes, and oceans.
  • If your phone does get wet, dry it off immediately.
  • Don’t use a hairdryer to dry your phone.
  • Don’t put your phone in the freezer.
  • Don’t put your phone in the microwave.
  • If your phone is wet, don’t turn it on.

Water and wood don’t mix. So, if you’re near water, be sure to keep your phone in a dry, safe place.

3. Don’t expose it to extreme temperatures: Just like your skin, wood can be damaged by extreme heat or cold. So, if you’re going to be in a hot or cold environment, be sure to protect your phone accordingly. Avoid exposing the case to direct sunlight. UV rays can fade the wood and cause it to dry out and become brittle. If you must store the case in direct sunlight, do so for only a short period of time.

Your wood phone case is made of, well wood. And while wood is a pretty tough material, it can be damaged by extreme temperatures. So if you’re heading out into the cold, make sure to keep your wood phone case in your pocket. And if you’re heading to the beach, leave your wood phone case in the shade.

4. Be careful with sharp objects: Wood is strong, but it can be scratched or gouged by sharp objects. So, be careful when you’re carrying your phone in your pocket or purse.

Most people think that wood is a sturdy material that is difficult to break or damage. However, wood is actually quite fragile, especially when it is in the form of a thin phone case. Sharp objects can easily puncture or break through the wood, causing serious damage to your phone. If you must handle a wood phone case, be sure to do so with care and avoid any sharp objects.

If you must put it down on a hard surface, use a soft cloth to cushion it. Be careful when carrying it in your pocket or bag, and don’t let it bump against anything hard. With a little care, your wood phone case will stay looking beautiful for years to come.

5. Store it properly: Your wooden phone case is a beautiful and unique piece that needs to be properly cared for in order to keep it looking its best.

– Don’t let it be get wet. It can affect your cell phone too.

– Keep it away from direct sunlight. The sun can cause the wood to fade and dry out.

– Avoid excessive heat. Too much heat can also cause the wood to dry out and crack.

– Store it in a cool, dry place. A cool, dark closet or drawer is ideal.

– Don’t store it in a plastic bag. This can trap moisture and cause the wood to warp.

– Lastly, be careful when handling the case. Avoid dropping it or subjecting it to another impact as this can also damage the wood. By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your wood case stays beautiful for years to come.

Wood is the right choice material for your cell phone case, as it is more durable than most other materials used to build phone cases. If you accidentally drop your phone, the wood case will prevent it from severe damages. It will also offer an enhanced grip, reducing the chances of such incidents automatically. OTTO Case uses wood from bamboo, walnut, cherry, and rosewood. In a world saturated with plastic, wood phone cases offer an environment-friendly option to protect your expensive device.

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